Flower meanings and symbolism

Here we explore flower meanings and symbolism – send a bouquet which really means something!



Of all flowers which can be sent as gifts, roses have the most varied
symbolism depending on their color and their number. Colored roses often imply love, romance or passion.

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Long Stem Red Rose Bouquet by FTD Long stem red roses

Traditionally sent to a lover as a symbol of love and devotion.

Send Long Stem Red Roses.

Thinking Of You - 3 Roses Budvase Three red roses

Representing a simple ‘Thinking of you’ message.

3 Roses Budvase

Fancy Half Dozen Roses Vase Six red roses

Now suggestive of infatuation or longing for the lover.

Half Dozen Roses with Vase

Or, you may prefer to send

One Dozen Red Roses

Red roses (as bouquets)

Generally sent between lovers to express love and respect. True love.

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White Rose Bouquet by FTD White roses

They beautifully represent innocence and purity.

Check out this White Rose Bouquet

Yellow Rose Bouquet by FTD Yellow roses

A gift of enduring friendship or to offer an apology.

See this Yellow Rose Bouquet

Rose Quartet Bud Vase Pink roses

This delicate color symbolizes joyfulness and passion.

Rose Quartet Bud Vase

FTD Deep Emotions Rose Bouquet (Autumn) Orange roses

Desire or passionate feelings.

Deep Emotions Rose Bouquet

FTD Purple Pop Bouquet - PREMIUM Violet/purple  roses

First love, or love at first sight.

Purple Pop Bouquet


White lilies symbolize purity, while colored lilies sometimes represent
passion for a lover

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Innocence, purity and simplicity.

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FTD Fuchsia Phalaenopsis Orchid Orchids

They have come to symbolize everything beautiful in life, and a wonderful gift to express your warmest wishes.

Fuchsia Phalaenopsis Orchid

Tulips Vase Bouquet (Feb. - mid-May) Tulips

Despite being such delicate flowers, have come to represent love.

Check this Tulips Vase Bouquet (available February to mid May)

Sweet Surprises Bouquet by FTD Carnations

White carnations, like many white flowers, represent innocence and
purity; colored carnations love and respect.

Sweet Surprises Bouquet 
with carnations

FTD Pink Dream Bouquet Chrysanthemums

Precious love and affection.

Pink Dream Bouquet with Chysanthemums

Colorful World Gerbera Daisy Bouquet - 12 Stems - Vase Included - FedEx Gerbera daisies

Representing innocence and cheerfulness; sent to friends or family to brighten their day.

Colorful World Gerbera Daisy Bouquet – 12 Stems – with a Vase Included

Popular Poinsettia Plant (Christmas) Poinsettias

The flowers have become symbolic of the Star of Bethlehem and are
associated with Christmas time.

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